National Energy Group’s railway equipment realizes skill level networking

Issuing time:2023-06-21 11:26

Recently, the National Energy Group Railway Equipment Company's vocational skill level certificates have been available for nationwide online inquiry. The company's first batch of vocational skills certification work processes have been successfully concluded, and all aspects of work have been implemented. The vocational skill level certification work has reached a new level and entered the fast lane. National Energy Group has completed the nationwide online query.

Since the railway equipment company carried out the first batch of certification work in the group in September 2021, the education and training center has actively connected with the Beijing Appraisal Management Center, Inner Mongolia Appraisal Management Center and National Energy Group Appraisal Management Center to explore various certifications under the new vocational skill level certification policy. This work process has opened up work stuck points, eliminated work difficulties, and eliminated work blockages. The education and training center accepts the supervision and on-site guidance of the local human resources and social security departments. According to the different places where employees are insured, the candidates' information and test scores are uploaded to the vocational skill level recognition system of the insured places. After layer-by-level review, all qualified personnel have obtained With the approval of the Beijing Municipal Appraisal Management Center, the Inner Mongolia Appraisal Management Center and the National Energy Group Appraisal Management Center, the qualified personnel information was successfully uploaded to the national online inquiry system for skilled talent certificates.

The company's nationwide online inquiry of vocational skill level certificates provides an effective basis for employees to place their grades, improve their skills, and apply for national vocational skills improvement subsidies. It stimulates the enthusiasm and initiative of employees to learn skills and practice their skills, and provides energy Safe supply and high-quality production provide a strong team of skilled talents.

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