Message from the founder
Mr Zhou
Founder & CEO of Company
Mr. Zhou, the founder of Environmental Technology Group, is serious and responsible in his work and humorous in his life. Advocating the innovative concept of "people-oriented, creating things" and pursuing the beauty of natural design.
Since its founding in 1987, after more than 30 years of hard work, the group has continuously expanded and strengthened the main business of real estate while actively exploring diversified development paths.
Through continuous development and innovation, XXX Group has formed a unique enterprise advantage. In terms of real estate, so far, certain group has developed nearly 100 real estate projects, with a development area of more than 10 million square meters. It has created a number of classic works such as "So-and-so • Tianrun City", "So-and-so • Venice Water City", "So-and-so • City Light", and "so-and-so • Tianyu International Plaza".
With more than 0 years of glory and accumulation, XXXX Group has studied and judged China's economic development and guided China's economic pulse. 2015 - the first year of the Group's transformation.

At the end of 2015, XXXX second headquarters settled in Shanghai, the company's three major industrial platforms: sports and sports industry Group, health industry Group, financial industry group are located in Shanghai Putuo District. As a pioneer in the transformation, the Group has taken the lead in becoming the focus of public attention, and has made breakthroughs in film and television,.
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